15-years old florida girl accidentally kills her father during a driving session

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15-years old florida girl accidentally kills he father during a driving session

The incident took place on Tuesday night at Anderson Park in Tarpon Springs.

The unidentified man, 46, was teaching his daughter how to park his 2017 Ford F-150 pickup truck at the park when she ‘unintentionally’ struck him, police say.

The father got out of the car as his daughter tried to pull into a parking space in an effort to guide her.

However, the daughter accidentally accelerated forward instead of backing up and the vehicle hopped over a curb and hit her dad, then a tree, according to WFLA.

When first responders arrived to the scene they found the daughter tending to her injured father.

The father was rushed to a hospital and pronounced dead around 8pm.

The names of the girl and her father have not been released.

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