See Aisha Buhari’s reaction to the viral cartooned image concerning Hanan’s wedding

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Aisha Buhari was reacting to a viral cartoon by one of Nigeria’s fine cartoonist, Mustapha Bulama depicting Aisha showing her daughter’s wedding pictures to Nigerians drowning in a river.

In an interview with BBC Aisha’s spokesperson, Aliyu Abdullahi, said the children of any leader have the right to get married when the time is due whether the citizens are enjoying their leadership or not.

In his words: “The cartoon that has gone viral by Mustapha Bulama is unfair because the wedding is in no way insensitive to what Nigerians are going through.

“In fact, it is because of issues like this that the first lady held a meeting with her staff a month to the wedding, telling us she wants to make the wedding a low key one with no massive celebrations.”

“The photos of the couple posted by Mrs Buhari on social media was to thank her well-wishers after the wedding and not to rub it on the faces of Nigerians.

“I can say that Hanan Buhari’s wedding is one of the most low-key weddings of any Nigerian child’s wedding that has ever happened,” Abdullahi added.

Abdullahi stated that the content of a viral video in which the couple was sprayed with money as they danced did not happen at the Villa but rather in Kaduna when the bride has already moved to join her in-laws.

He said that Aisha Buhari is mindful of the COVID-19 restrictions put in place to ensure that all those present during the celebration adhered to the guidelines.

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This is really funny how people make fun of everything in this country

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