2019 Goals!! Focus More On Yourself In 2019 If You Really Want To Succeed (Read This)

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Thank God for all the Blessings 2018 threw at you, appreciate it and also Thank God for the lessons 2018 taught you whether bad or good It could have been worse but he kept us safe

In 2019, please Focus more on yourself and stop giving a fu*k about those who careless about you.

One of the most common reasons we break our New Year’s resolutions is that we get a little overzealous when we make them and we over-commit. And as a result, 40 percent of us blame our busy schedules for our lack of follow-through [source: FranklinCovey]. It’s easier to keep just one resolution rather than several.

Embrace & Appreciate those who genuinely loves & support you, they are few but they truly worth more than 1 million fake friends joined together.

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