Dark web police bust recuperates millions in money and bitcoin

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As indicated by France 24, Dark HunTOR was a police activity that remembered corresponding activities for Australia, Bulgaria, France, UK, US, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Europol said that many “high worth” targets were captured. 65 of these were kept in the US alone, while 47 were captured in Germany, and 24 in Britain. Among the police seizures were $31 million in real money and digital currencies. Medications and weapons were additionally seized.

Of the dark marketplaces that were shut down, Italian police closed down the “DeepSea” and “Berlusconi” sites, while German police took down the “DarkMarket” back in January. This particular market was used for the sale of drugs and stolen credit card data among other illegal products.

DarkMarket was found as German prosecutors were researching the web-hosting service Cyberbunker, which was really situated in an ex NATO bunker in SW Germany.

Since that time, the European Cybercrime Center EC3, which goes under Europol, has been assessing knowledge to distinguish their objectives.

Jean-Philippe Lecouffe, Europol deputy director of operations, said:

“The point of operations such as this is to put criminals operating on the dark web on notice (that) the law enforcement community has the means and global partnerships to unmask them and hold them accountable for their illegal activities,”

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