“Ebonyi State will not allow almajiris to come in” – Gov. Dave Umahi

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Umahi stated this during the state COVID-19 weekly broadcast. He said that Ebonyi state had no almajiris and won’t allow them into the State.

Umahi also expressed unhappiness over the activities of herdsmen in the State’s centenary city. He directed his Chief Security officer to ban them from accessing the premises.

The centenary city houses the Ebonyi State new Governor’s lodge, new Governor’s office, new presidential lodge, all the State ministries and parastatals, CBN, DSS offices, etc.

According to Umahi, it will henceforth be an offence to see cows around the State’s centenary city, international market and the shopping mall.

The Governor who said it was insulting to be struggling with cows to come into government house, directed the State Commissioner for Justice to secure court orders for auctioning of any cow found within the premises, henceforth.

His words:

“We will not be afraid to say there were no almajiris in Ebonyi state before now. And I commend the Northern Governors for saying go to your States of origin.

So, why will the youths that want us to fight take to the social media to start saying almajiris are coming to the Southeast and they should be allowed.

Is it part of the social distancing? We will not allow that in Ebonyi State. Ebonyi will not allow almajiris to come. They should go to their States. This is very important.

We have to as people begin to tell ourselves the truth.”

“I have directed the Chief Security Officer (CSO) to meet with security people. Please, I don’t want to see any cow within the premises of the centenary city. It is an insult.

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How can I be struggling with cows to come into government house? Please, in the entire centenary city, I don’t want to see any cow, including the international market and the shopping mall.

This is insulting. I don’t want to take it again.”

“So, the security people should do meeting with the people that are rearing cows, whether Igbo or Hausa cows, because I also see some Igbo cows, but I don’t want to see them again.

Anyone we see, the Commissioner for Justice should move to court and get order to auction it. So, we will not allow that again”.

Umahi while confirming additional four new cases of COVID-19 in the State, called on Nigerians to corporate with government at all levels in the fight against the dreaded disease.

He added:

“We have generally pardoned COVID-19 law offenders but anyone caught since that day must be prosecuted; and some people have Umahi caught.”

On the poverty index of the State, Umahi said his administration was doing everything possible to secure the State against poverty.

“Those preaching poverty about Ebonyi does not love you. We are doing everything possible to secure the state against poverty and we will never be distracted. This is very important”.

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