eNaira: CBN Warns against Fraudsters, Refutes Alleged N50bn Disbursement

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The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) yesterday made Nigerians aware of the exercises of fake people and fakers attempting to cheat clueless individuals from the general population through bogus eNaira dispensing claims.

The fraudsters are luring Nigerians with claims that the national bank was dispensing N50 billion eNaira money to residents.

However, in an assertion, the CBN Director, Corporate Communications, Mr. Osita Nwanisobi, said its consideration had been attracted to criminal and criminal operations of certain people including a false twitter handle, @enaira_cbdc suspected to have a place with the national bank.

He said the sham overseers and fake people had been presenting messages related on the eNaira with the aim of charming clueless Nigerians with claims that the CBN was making monetary is distributions.

As indicated by him, the frauds were set on swindling guiltless and clueless individuals from general society through the connections appended to their directives for application to acquire eNaira wallets and become recipients of the said N50 billion eNaira money dispensing.

He said: “For the aversion of uncertainty, the Central of Nigeria (CBN) isn’t the proprietor of that twitter handle (@enaira_cbdc) and to be sure suspended its essence on Twitter following the national government’s boycott. “In effect, the bank is not disbursing eNaira currency to citizens.”

The CBN, therefore warned members of the public to be wary of fraudsters who have resolved to take advantage of unsuspecting Nigerians especially in the wake of the CBN’s digital currency launch.

The bank further urged the public to always endeavour to seek clarifications on information about the eNaira either by visiting the eNaira through its website, www.enaira.gov.ng or call the eNaira contact centre or visit any CBN branch nearest to them.

It added that any suspicious activity should be reported to the CBN using helpdesk@enaira.gov.ng or to relevant law enforcement agencies.

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The development came barely 72 hours after President Muhammadu Buhari unveiled the digital currency. However, the CBN has continued to assure the public of the safety and security of the digital currency.

Speaking shortly after the launch, CBN Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, said adequate safeguards had been installed to forestall security breaches. In an interview with THISDAY, the CBN governor said: “Let me tell you this, we would not embark on a project where we have not really dimensioned the risks; you identify risks and you now measure the risks and then we think about how to manage the risks and we have looked at it.

“There is no need, absolutely no reason for anybody to be afraid of the risk of even hacking your account and the rest of that.”

He said: “This morning I set up my account and my account is operating very well. I talked about the BVN; the BVN is one of the best payment systems infrastructure that we have put in place and I can assure you that with all that has been done, you cannot hack into it.

“If somebody hacks into yours, it will be because you were reckless in handling your information but not that the system failed.” He described the eNaira as an extension of payment system in Nigeria and which would enhance payments outside the country.

He said: “You can make payment for goods and services rendered to somebody who even resides outside the country as long as he is willing to accept Naira. “We will see eventually that what it does is that your reliance on third currency would be reduced by embracing eNaira and that for me is one area that I am looking forward to how this would help our country.”

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