Actress Sonia Ogiri urges fans to stop tying women’s success to men

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Nollywood actress, Sonia Ogiri has admonished her followers to desist from the belief that men are the primary sponsors of most successful women in the entertainment industry.

Taking to her Instagram platform on Sunday evening to address such claims, the actress stated that most men have failed to fend for themselves, hence, they are unable to take care of a woman’s needs.

The US-based actress who recently acquired her third vehicle in the space of three months mentioned that several young women work hard for their money and do not await the financial support from any man.

Here is what she stated;

“Stop tying, connecting a woman’s success, cars, houses to men. Most of the so called men are hungry these days. 96% of women today are hardworking, I won’t be surprised if some are into yahoo or doings.”

She continued;

“Women are winning these days, like it or not. Women now have the heart of lions and kings. The desire to have our own money is unquenchable. We look beyond men’s money.”

Sonia’s statement is coming amidst the success that Nollywood actresses have continued to experience in recent times.

Several fans have opined that the male actors are unable to establish themselves financially and attain the luxurious lifestyle like their female counterparts.

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