Bobrisky Gets Kicked Out Of The Cross Dresser Association

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Fellow Crossdresser Jay Boogie and Dee Vah speaking on behalf of the crossdressers in Nigeria dragged Bobrisky for not giving them the chance to blow and also being a very bad reputation of the trans community in Nigeria and that’s enough asking him to step aside.

According to them, Bobrisky is a reflection of how most people view the trans community and also how some people perceive them to be but she’s a very bad reflection of the trans community as she has refused to be sensible and rational.

Adding that the level of grace and eloquence between them and him carries a huge disparity and he’s always threatened even with the amount of wealth he claims to have and fame asking him to come down from his high horses because it’s still very low.

They then advised Bobrisky to stop all the unnecessary displays of tantrums and frivolities saying they can’t be fighting outsiders and still be having constant difficulties and issues with him who is supposed to be a transgender like them.

“Come down from your high horse, it’s still very low. Pride goes before a fall and you never see anything you do as wrong because your consuming ego has carried your senses away! Apparently right now you’re empty and void. Who are your upcoming bobrisky’s or who is dragging any queendom with you? Paranoia, it’s the irrational fear that something or someone is coming after you! And you have envisaged what the future holds for you with us in it and you can’t bear the heat!”

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