Jamie Chung & BryanGreenberg Reveal TheySecretly WelcomedTwins: ‘Double TroubleNow’

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Congratulations are in order for Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg — they’re officially parents! The couple welcomed twin babies, and Bryan shared the exciting news on Oct. 24.

Long-term couple Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg are guardians after secretly welcoming twins. Bryan took to Instagram to share a delightful video of himself holding both infants on his chest on Oct. 24. “We got double the trouble now,” he captioned the video recording. Jamie re-posted the video on her own Instagram Story, and commented on it with two red heart emoji icons.

The news positively came as a shock to fans, as people in general didn’t realize that Bryan and Jamie were anticipating! The remarks part of Bryan’s Instagram post was overflowed with complimentary messages, just as a few fans (and even individual celebs!) stating, “WHAT?!” Back in 2019, Jamie opened up on Instagram about her choice to freeze her eggs.

“I’ve been stewing over the idea of freezing my eggs for a couple of years now, and decided to move forward with the process only just recently,” she explained in the March 2019 post. “I did my research on facilities and then it all boiled down to these deciding factors; I want options. I’m buying time. I’m unsure and scared and hopeful. I have the best life partner a person could ask for and I know I want to one day raise a child with Bryan. I’m just unsure when that will happen. And I realized that’s ok.” she said.

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