Tochi: Wathoni Wanted Every Guy In The House

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The ongoing Big Brother Naija Reunion show keeps getting interesting, hotter, and fun as the drama and controversies keep increasing on each show.

There were so many issues that could not be addressed during the show by the housemates so the Reunion is here to give the platform for certain pressing issues to be resolved. Most revealed their truth, confirmed rumors, and others attacked others

One of the female housemates who seems to have an entanglement amongst the guys in the house was Wathoni. She has been caught in the web of many controversies and triangles during the Big Brother show.

The relationship between Wathoni and Kiddwaya was one of the discussions that came up in yesterday’s show. According to some of the housemates, Wathoni liked Kiddwaya in the house and tried pushing herself to him because she wanted to be in a relationship.

It was discussed how Tochi discussed with Kiddwaya on few occasions about how Wathoni was an “easy catch”. Which literally meant that it was easy for any man to date and have his way in the house.

Wathoni reacted to the comment of Tochi and said, “Kiddwaya was a community boy in the house and would always flirt with every girl”. While speaking, she made a lot of statements attacking Tochi that he wanted to come after her while in the house but didn’t succeed. Because of that, he was trying to tarnish her image.

In reaction, Tochi replied by saying that he was never interested in her because she is not his type and could never go in for her because she was a “community girl” and was seeking attention from all the men in the house.

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