Facebook Whistleblower Holds Crypto to Support Herself Financially.

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the former Facebook production manager blew the whistle on harmful contents Facebook has been sweeping under the rug, that Facebook pro

Since Haugen leaked the documents—collectively named the Facebook Files to the Wall Street Journal, she has moved to Puerto Rico to handle a health condition, but also to join her “crypto friends.”

“For the foreseeable future, I’m fine, because I did buy crypto at the right time,” she told the New York Times. Although she didn’t talk about the cryptocurrencies she was holding in her portfolio.

there are speculations around the Haugen is been help financially by the co-founder of eBay a nonprofit organization, but that not true, she said the co-founder of eBay Pierre Omidyar help her with her traveling and related expenses and nothing more, she also said she grateful for his help.

Haugen leaked thousands of documents implicating Facebook, ranged from weak responses to COVID-19 vaccine misinformation, to poor handling of political lies such as former President Trump’s claims about election fraud in 2020. And also about about human trafficking and that the social media giant knew Instagram was “toxic” for teenagers.

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