Onyabo Vigilante Is On the Run After Shooting A Female Hair Stylist To Death

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A man from the Onyabo Vigilante Group in Ogijo, recognized just as Shina, is on the pursued supposedly shooting to death a hair stylist, Aishat Adedimeji, in Odogunyan, Ikorodu North Local Council Development Area of Lagos State.

It was accumulated that Aishat’s sweetheart, Rasheed Owamoyo, and his club individuals had gone to the Ola Guest House on Ita Oloja Street, Odogunyan, on Sunday when she chose to go along with them.

In the wake of having a good time at the visitor house, the club individuals and Aishat were said to have turned out to where their vehicles were left before the visitor house when Shina supposedly hailed them around 7pm and purportedly shot the beautician in the neck.

The 28-year-old allegedly passed on the spot and an image possessing our journalist gave her cadaver lying in her very own pool blood out and about, where the occurrence occurred.

A slug opening was likewise observed on Aishat’s neck. The casualty was wearing a white top and a blue jean.

After further examination on the wrongdoing on Tuesday, the proprietor of the visitor house, Hassan Olanukan, said he promptly caught Rasheed’s club part, Akinyemi Okunlola, who was remaining adjacent to Aishat during the assault.

Olanukan asserted that the escaping suspect and Okunlola had issues to settle before the wrongdoing was executed.

He stated, “They are standard clients however after they took a few beverages at my visitor house, they left for their autos. I was inside when I out of nowhere heard a shot. I immediately hurried outside and saw the lady lying on the floor; in this way, I held one of the club individuals down till the work force of the Sagamu Police Division came to capture him. The casualty’s sweetheart was additionally captured.

“The individual, who shot the young lady, is a security monitor utilized to look out for the network and he pursued away perpetrating the wrongdoing. He wore a top with the engraving, Onyabo Vigilante Group, and we have affirmed that he is an individual from the gathering. I even went to their base, yet he was mysteriously absent.”

Rasheed told our journalist that he was the one, who welcomed Aishat to go along with them at the visitor house, yet encouraged the police to escalate endeavors to capture Shina all together for him not to languish over a wrongdoing he didn’t submit.

When Okunlola was gotten some information about the issue he had with the escaping suspect, he stated, “I was adjacent to Aishat when Shina approached me and requested that I give him cash. I revealed to him that the cash on me was to pay my vehicle toll home and out of nowhere, he drew out a weapon and trying to shoot me, the projectile hit Aishat and executed her.

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“I looked wherever to capture him, yet he was mysteriously absent. Along these lines, the police were educated and I was captured.”

The beautician’s dad, Taiwo, said he was at home when somebody considered him on the phone to advise him that his girl had a mishap, adding that he found a workable pace Aishat had been shot dead when he found a workable pace station.

While encouraging the police to discharge his little girl’s cadaver for internment as per Islamic rituals, the 57-year-old, be that as it may, said the escaping suspect had blamed Okunlola for carrying out infidelity with his significant other before executing the wrongdoing.

The Commander, Vigilante Group of Nigeria, Ogijo Division, Joseph Oduyebo, who noticed that bits of gossip had spread that individuals from his gathering were liable for Aishat’s demise, stated, “Our men helped the police in emptying the body to the Ikorodu General Hospital funeral home.

“At the point when the occurrence occurred, individuals began estimating that our individuals were liable for the young lady’s demise, yet while working together with the police looking into the issue, we found that the speculate was an individual from the Onyabo Vigilante Group.”

An individual from the Onyabo Vigilante Group in Odogunyan, Ojo Yekini, said endeavors were on to capture Shina, whose whereabouts are obscure since he executed the wrongdoing.

The Provost Marshal, Onyabo Vigilante Group in Ikorodu, Matthew Adesanya, stated, “Shina isn’t an individual from Onyabo, yet one of our individuals, Yekini, utilized him to fill in as a security monitor in a specific spot. Be that as it may, if Yekini won’t produce Shina, he will be given over to the police.”

When reached, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana, stated, “Our station on Sagamu Road in Ikorodu reacted to a misery call and on appearance, our faculty met two people, who were held down, and one other individual was resting.

“The individual who was down was taken to emergency clinic and was affirmed dead, while the two people held down were taken in to be interrogated to determine what occurred, in light of the fact that there was a squabble before the episode.

“We have additionally distinguished that the escaping suspect, who was asserted to have shot the person in question, was an individual from a vigilante gathering and we have propelled a manhunt for him. The Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, Hakeem Odumosu, has requested the exchange of the case to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Panti, Yaba, for careful examination.”

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