Oyedepo to Muslim girls: leave Christian schools for their owners

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The founder of Living Faith Church (aka Winners Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo, has advised Muslim girls in Christian schools to leave them for their owners.

The cleric was reacting to the controversy surrounding the use of hijab among Muslim schoolgirls in mission schools in Kwara State.

The Nation had reported that 10 schools were shut down by the Kwara State government in February over the use of hijab by Muslim schoolgirls.

But the schools were reopened on Monday.

Last week, there was a clash at Baptist Secondary School in Surulere, Ilorin, as well as Cherubim and Seraphim College at Sabo-Oke, over the use of the female head scarf among Muslim pupils.

Commenting on the development in a viral video obtained by The Nation, Oyedepo said: “It is such a nasty development in Kwara State where Muslims are asking their students in our schools to wear hijab, and the church said no.

“I have never seen a place in my life where a tenant will be decreeing for the landlord. You know the reason? We have never shown the world the other side of God.

“God is not a toy. Our God is a consuming fire. Let us show them the consuming fire of God; they need to know.

“Leave the schools for the owners; go to your schools. Is there any fight? Stop putting fingers in the eyes of others.”

“The church is a time-bomb. When God turns His back on anybody or any system, that system is grounded.

“My advice is leave the schools for the owners, find your schools. Men and women can wear hijab there. Stop putting your fingers in the eyes of others when they are not blind.”

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Oyedepo also prayed against the rising menace of killer herdsmen, kidnappers, ritual killers across the federation.

He called for God’s judgment against those perpetrating the evils.

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