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Hello all, you are welcome to this section of our relationship matters, where people who feel they are real can talk about their issues as it affects them and their spouses, family, environment as it affects their personal lives in this real world of ours with many colours. Give true life confessions to unburden the heart. To some, the relationship is worth it, while to others, it is not worth it. The cup of tea that tasted sweet at the beginning has suddenly become sour, bitter or even tasteless! Where did I go wrong has become the song of the heart while self pity, your watch world.

Has it always been like this and I did not see or did it just start happening or probably happened in error? You have imagined to yourself.

Will things ever be the same again? Is there ever going to be a solution? Am I the only one experiencing this? Who do I take my case to that will not judge me but hold my hands through it?

Guess what, you are just right on time to meet the right people. In this forum, we neither judge nor condemn you because we are real people who know that we have real issues. We are also aware that many have kept quiet and have died in silence, letting their lives slip through their own fingers, without knowing that they had control over it.  Remember, a problem shared is half shared.

Our Regrets: The fastest killers have been the things we needed to talk about that we did not. Memories to build on, but we couldn’t even lay the foundation, a hand that we needed to lend but did not, etc.

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On this forum, we have experienced persons, both male and female, in addition to the audience to give the right answers and advice.

Readers, you can share your most romantic and bitter moments in this short, sweet tales of life’s journey, both young and old. Have a story of your own? Tell us here , let people learn from your story because we are real people with real issues.


Share and Enjoy !

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