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It was two days to my 39th birth day, when I went to a mall along Allen to get a dress for my birthday. I left the mall shattered as the attendant embarrassed me by mistaking me for the customer, who short-paid that just left the counter before my arrival + the stress of work that day. As I got into the elevator, I almost lost my balance, and as I made to support myself with the wall, I mistakenly put my hand into the pocket of a man who responded very fast by holding his pocket, without even bothering to help me. As I raised my head after regaining balance, I managed to notice that he was really handsome, but due to the anger in me, I blamed him for defending his pocket instead of helping me, and he narrated to me, how he had just been attacked by pick pockets. In mu heart, I thought … that makes the two of us. He noticed I was not sorry for my actions and neither did I sympathise with him, and then said, young lady, could you find a place in your beautiful heart to forgive me, I see that you really angry with me. I managed a smile and told him what happened to me and he was really sorry. We exchanged numbers and exactly one year after that, we were married and have lived together for 5 years.

IT, from Benin.

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