I was rejected at an audition because of my disability, Nigerian man disabled on both feet laments

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The young man, who has been without the use of his legs since he was a boy, makes his living as a tricycle rider (known as Keke Napep in local parlance). Man disabled on both feet decries challenges and problems he has had to go through Photo Credit: Legit.ng Source: Original In an exclusive interview , Silver shared the challenges he had faced and is still facing. Silkily to Legit.ng Correspondent how judges of the Nigerian Idol music contest turned him down in 2011 and 2012 because of his physical challenge.

About what he faces in his transport line of business he said: “I suffered a lot of intimidation from the NURTW…Yeah, I go through a lot from them. Many times, they have tried to shut me up from, you know, continuing the business.

They felt like i don’t have a license to venture into the business because of my inability to work.” “But there is ability in disability. Being disabled is about the mindset to me. It is about what you picture, what you see. How do you see yourself, how do you carry yourself.” He said he doesn’t let negative remarks get the best of him as he doesn’t look down on himself. Silver stated that he carries himself as a celebrity just as he admitted he has been turned down by ladies severally.

Meanwhile, physically challenged DJ who spoke on his disability, says there’s discrimination. According to him, he was not born with any disability; however, he had several bouts of convulsion as a child and this eventually led to him being given a wrong injection by a nurse during one of the episodes. He said that his parents did not notice the adverse effect of the injection on him until three days later.

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