Nigeria Still Falls Behind in Knowledge, Value of Physiotherapy – Okodugha

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Consultant Physiotherapist at St. Joseph’s Physiotherapy Clinic, Osahon Okodugha has expressed displeasure over the lack of adequate knowledge of physiotherapy among Nigerians when compared to other parts of the world.

He said that while physiotherapy is popular and accessible in other countries, Nigeria still falls behind in the knowledge and value of Physiotherapy.

Okodugha explained that physiotherapists are body movement and posture experts, they help in the effective recovery of movement, pain management, and disability prevention for people at different stages of treatment. They are specially trained to help with Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, and Range of Motion, Postural defects, Mobility tasks such as walking, running, transfers, and stairs climbing.

Okodugha added that a Physiotherapist aims to ensure that individuals’ conditions are properly managed to carry out activities of daily living, some of the steps a physiotherapist would take before the commencement of treatment include evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment.

“Treatment modalities may include ultrasound therapy, joint mobilization, traction, electrical nerve stimulation, exercise, massage, heat therapy, cryotherapy, iontophoresis, taping among others.

“A physiotherapist provides patients access to post-treatment programs to enable continued self-care treatment.

“They also advise on preventive measures to prevent the onset and worsening of conditions.

He described Physiotherapy in Nigeria as a profession in which students have to undergo an undergraduate programme for 5 years or the recently approved 6 year Doctor of Physiotherapy programme. Both still include a mandatory 1-year internship in an approved institution.

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