Israel Govt. attaches high fines for Covid-19 law-breakers

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Israel on Monday said that people caught breaking new rules to stem the spread of the coronavirus will face much higher fines in the future.

Anyone, who organizes an “event, party, conference, ceremony, festival, and entertainment and performing arts shows in contravention of the regulations” will face a fine of up to 20,000 shekels (5,860 dollars), the government’s coronavirus cabinet decided.

This would include the opening of schools. Some orthodox schools have opened in defiance of anti-virus regulations.

Running a shop without permission could bring a punishment of 10,000 shekels under the new fines, which still need to be approved by parliament.

Coronavirus cases have sunk back down thanks to Israel’s second national lockdown, which began about a month and a half ago. On Monday the Health Ministry recorded 652 new cases, compared to more than 9,000 a month earlier.

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