Louis Vuitton is set to release $1,000 plastic face shield on 30th, October, 2020

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Luxury retailer Louis Vuitton is launching a $961, it’s listed for 750 British pounds — plastic face shield for those who prefer to strut to the grocery store in designer wares.

The pricey piece of personal protective equipment (PPE), meant to block aerosolized droplets from sick passersby, will be on sale starting Oct. 30, at select locations, as part of the French brand’s 2021 Cruise Collection.

LV hyped the shield as “an eye-catching headpiece, both stylish and protective,” in a statement.

The hard plastic covering doubles as a hat, it can be flipped up, like a visor and features LV-embossed gold studs, a monogrammed elastic head strap, and trim in the brand’s signature “LV” print. The LV Shield will protect the wearer from the sun’s rays, too: The clear covering transitions from clear to dark in bright light.

This isn’t fashion’s first foray into combatting the coronavirus.

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