Nigeria is among the countries with the cheapest fuel

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Gas prices have fluctuated significantly all around the world. Thus, drivers will be paying very different prices for gas this year. That is why the team at Zutobi, has carried out research to reveal the most expensive (and cheapest) countries around the world for fuel prices.You can access the full research here: The 10 countries with the most affordable gas prices:

Venezuela ranked first as it costs $0.11 per gallon which is $5.95 cheaper than the global average.Libya comes in as the second cheapest, with the cost per gallon being only $0.15.Iran has the third-cheapest fuel price per gallon ($0.23) which is considerably less than Syria (the fourth-cheapest).The 10 countries with the most expensive gas prices:

RankCountryPrice of a litre of Petrol ($)Price of a gallon of Petrol ($)
1Hong Kong$2.88$13.10

The study also looked at where in the world you can find the best value for gas: Hong Kong has the highest price of petrol anywhere in the world. The price of a gallon is $13.10 – double the global average and $1.15 more than the second most expensive place!

The Netherlands is the second most expensive place for gas around the world, costing $11.75 per gallon. This is $5.69 more than the global average – making it the most expensive nation in the western world. At just $0.39 less than the Netherlands, Norway is the third most expensive country for petrol prices. Norwegians have to pay $11.36 per gallon on average. FURTHER FINDINGS:

  • The cost per gallon of fuel is less than a dollar in only three countries: Venezuela, Libya and Iran.
  • Only four countries have prices of over $11 per gallon of gas: Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Norway, and Monaco.
  • Iran has seen the biggest decrease in gas prices anywhere in the world over the past half-decade. Prices have been slashed by almost 3,000%.
  • The price of petrol in Saudi Arabia has risen by almost 300% in the last 5 years, making it the country that has seen the biggest increase in fuel prices in the world.
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