Nigerians to buy Diesel at N1000 per litre, Fuel at N300 Per litre – Primate Ayodele

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The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has stated that Nigerians will soon be buying Fuel at N300 per litre and Diesel at N1000 per litre.

Ayodele made this known in new prophecies released on Monday concerning Nigeria’s Economic Situations.

During a prayer session at his mountain located in Benin Republic, the man of God revealed that he foresees a tough time for the Nigerian economy, while making it known that only prayers and creation of an intelligent economic team will help Nigeria.

The man of God made it known that the economy will not be stabled till 2025 and that the next president of the country will suffer from debt and unstable economy.

“The Nigerian economy will not stabilize till 2025, the next president will be welcomed with debt and an unstable economic condition. People will have money in their hands but will not be able to buy food stuff. There will be scarcity of food stuff and there will be protests. There will be increase in the cost of living such that many families will be forced to start rationing their food and cut down on their standard of living. This will affect both the poor and rich, nobody will be spared.”

“There will be a serious food crisis. Food and security crisis will become a big problem in Nigeria any moment from now. The high cost of food stuff and the eventual shortage of food will become the order of the day in Nigeria. There will be an uproar, cries and complaints everywhere. This government will be broke. Some banks will cease to be healthy and this will cause real panic among the public. This is what God has revealed to me and I’m hereby saying it exactly as the Lord asked me to say it.”

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Primate Ayodele also revealed that Nigerians will soon by diesel for N1000 per litre and Petrol for N300 per litre due to the economic disaster coming to hit the country.

“An economic disaster is coming very soon, before the end of this year. It will be so grave that we will revert back to the days of Austerity measures. Diesel will sell for as high as N800 to N1000 per liter. Petrol will become scarce and, at the end of the day, it will move up to N300 per liter.”

“Things will become extremely difficult for Nigerians. The truth is that, Nigeria’s reserve is in red. The country is in massive debt. The country will be in such a big financial mess that some state governments will not be able to pay their workers. Governors and Honourables will be stoned and there will be several protests. This is the message from the Lord, Nigeria government should wake up now before it becomes too late. Even the police will go on strike if care is not taken.”

“Things will get so bad that they will not be able to pay those protecting us their stipends. Please, let us go on our knees for our country, Nigeria’s economy is shaking. It has become epileptic and this will affect Nigeria and it may cause chaos, protests, crisis and the Buhari government might be shut down for 5 to 6 hours in protests.”

On the solution, the man of God advised that the government involve God and create an intelligent economic team to redirect the economy.

“The government must involve God if at all they want changes and they should create an intelligent economic team to redirect the economy. We need to bring back our agriculture, the oil is having issues already.”

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