Okonkwo: Insecurity Caused by Years of Leaders, Followers’ Failures

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Chairman of United Nigeria Airline and governorship candidate of Zenith Labour Party (ZLP) in Anambra State, Dr Obiora Okonkwo, has said accumulated failures of leaders and followers were responsible for insecurity in the country.

Okonkwo was at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, where he unveiled a 10-point agenda for the development of the state, while also calling for votes of members of the university community in the forthcoming governorship election.

The Russian-trained Develop-ment Economist, spoke during a townhall meeting with members of the university community on the theme: state of the polity.

Okonkwo said: “The security failures we are witnessing today are accumulation of failures of government, about things that should have been done that have not been done. “It could be leadership failure but the followers also have their blames, like their docility in participating in choosing the right leader like the period we are in now (Anambra election).

“I’m not happy with the situation of things in Nigeria and Anambra State today, but instead of joining the EndSARS protesters or carrying guns, I have decided to join elective position.”

He stated that for a very long, Anambra’s growth has been retarded, saying it was the reason states like Lagos had transformed most slums in the state to highbrow areas, while the slums in Anambra in the early 90’s have remained the same.

“May I use this opportunity to unveil to us today my 10-point agenda. A leader is just a visioner, but the people, who work to make his vision come true are not seen or heard. In Nigeria, our own academicians are people who government now see as unfortunate and who languish with poor salaries. If I become the governor, I will only be the vision bearer, but I will come to consult with people like you to draw from your knowledge.

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“I want you to study it (agenda), to analyse it. It is my plan for Anambra, and you know if you don’t have a plan, you are not going anywhere. There is nothing in the 10-point agenda that I have not done in my own private life and in my business, so, it’s an achievable plan.”

Okonkwo unveiled his agenda to include rapid rural development, revitalisation of education, human capital development, safety and security, planned urbanisation and urban renewal, among others.

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