Over 3 Million CoinMarketCap Email Addresses Leaked to Dark Web

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3.1 Millions of email addresses associated with the crypto market data website CoinMarketCap (CMC) have reportedly been compromised.

As indicated by the information security break site haveibeenpwned, 3.1 million addresses are now trading on “hacking forums.”

CMC said Saturday it had become aware that hacked information had appeared on the web “purporting to be a list of user accounts.” It is unclear how the addresses were obtained. The website, owned by leading global crypto exchange Binance, also said only addresses and not passwords had been exposed though it discovered a “correlation” and warned users to use separate and unique passwords across multiple sites.

“At this point in our investigation, we’ve come to the conclusion that the leak did not come from CoinMarketCap servers,” CMC said on its blog. “As no passwords are included in the data we have seen, we believe that it is most likely sourced from another platform where users may have reused passwords across multiple sites.”

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