Convention: Group urges APC to zone party national chairman to North Central

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A political support group has urged the Leadership of  All Progressives Congress (APC) to zone the party’s national chairmanship to the North-Central geo-political zone, ahead of its national convention.

The group known as APC Patriotic Ambassadors of Niger made the call in a statement by its National Coordinator, Dr Aliyu Ibrahim, on Wednesday in Abuja.

Ibrahim said  the call was important in view of the zone’s strategic political significance in determining the electoral successes of the party in the 2023 presidential and general elections.

He said the call was informed by certain emerging developments that had the capacity to define the sociology of the voting behavior of electorates that would help in advancing the course of the APC at the 2023 polls.

He described the North-Central as the most strategic geo-political zone with multi-cultural and multi-ethnic electoral investment opportunities, populated by almost all the major and minor ethnic nationalities in the country.

“The capacity of all elected representatives to successfully manage the gains of their electoral successes remain the most vital component of all variables or factors that define, determine and shape the functionality of any good governance infrastructure or system as exemplified by the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration,” he said.

He appealed to all  APC chieftains, members of the National Working Committee, all elected representatives at the three-tiers of government including governors, lawmakers at national assembly state house of assemblies and local government areas  to give consideration to the call.

“If the party zones the position of the national chairman to the north-central zone, the APC as a national party will exploit the full advantage in  maximising electoral victories, in terms of electoral investments and returns.

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“The party will thereby manage the gains of the electoral successes available to it by having a great grassroots mobiliser, technocrat, team player and amiable political leadership figure, who will be acceptable to all zones and members within the party,” Ibrahim said.

Ibrahim said that with just less than two months to the party’s  national convention, zoning the national chairmanship position to the north-central would  greatly help the President Buhari led administration.

He said the decision would help to usher in a new sociology of voting behaviour that would place the APC on good electoral advantage during in the 2023 Presidential and general elections.

“Having a national chairman from the north-central geo-political zone of Nigeria will provide a solid balance between the Southern and Northern planks of Nigeria.

“This will in a going type of way, form a buffer against the political infiltration of the zone by other rival political parties ahead of the 2023 elections.

“It is equally imperative to say that, having a very experienced political leadership figure with huge administrative wherewithal, competencies, robust knowledge-base and bureaucratic skills produced from the north central zone, will no doubt, give APC its needed leap to super victory in the 2023 presidential and general elections,” he added.

Ibrahim said that  the north central zone which housed middle-belt would equally swell the electoral advantages in favor of the APC.

“It is against this backdrop, that we will like to use the instance of this communication channel to urge all well-meaning stakeholders of the APC to have a thorough consideration of our demand,” he further said.

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