Nigerian female politicians praise the new US Vice President, Kamala Harris

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There are many lessons. It shows that the role of female candidates and voters are important in an election.

Women mobilized to vote for Biden and Kamala. This Mobilization helped a lot. Secondly, blacks voted 87 percent for Biden and Kamala.

It is also instructive that people vote for many reasons because the election was keenly contested.

It certainly shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Female politicians globally should be hopeful and sustain momentum.

Yes Nigerian women have the qualities to be VP and President although the challenges are many to overcome: they include Funding, violence, cultural biases, stigmatization, and institutional factors of political parties.

As we know today, women are participating more actively in politics than ever before as a result of political reawakening and awareness.

Some of the Challenges female politicians may likely encounter are Lack of resources, insufficient political strength and vision, stigmatization, political violence, and many more which may scare the female politicians away.

The playing field is not level as female politicians have to compete with male politicians who have money, networks, and godfathers. However, women can’t afford to give up.

The focus should be on affirmative action and greater participation and representation of women in governance

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