We’re At Risk Of Losing 2023 Election — APC Chairman

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Senator Abdullahi Adamu, National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has alerted that the ruling party is at great risk of inheriting the post 2014/15 fate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), noting that APC is highly fragmented due to supremacy war between serving and immediate past governors.

Addressing an emergency meeting of the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting held at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja, Senator Adamu observed that the ego infested battle has so divided and polarised the party that unity is almost becoming elusive.

Unfortunately for the party, he said, any success at polls in 2023 cannot be attained unless the APC unites at the state, federal and local levels, stressing that attempt to play the ostrich in what has eaten the fabric of the party would amount to postponing the evil day.

“As you see it, this party has two paths to take, the first path is the full and complete unity of the party, the second path is winning 2023 general elections.

How we handle the first will determine how we achieve the second.

We must take urgent and targeted steps now to unite our party at all levels: federal, state, local government areas and wards.

“Our political party must emerge from incessant challenges in order to prepare for the coming tasks ahead.

Secondly, we must begin the process of banishing disagreement and building inclusive of our past and present experiences.

“The lack of unity in our party is such that none of us can pretend not to be unaware as it was the efforts to unite this party that led the previous caretaker committee to set up a reconciliation committee to find lasting peace.

“I know Mr. President is not unmindful of what happened to PDP in 2014/2015, our party is not immune to similar fate should it conduct itself in such a way that continues to undermine the legacy of the founding fathers to build this party.

“I was the chairman of the reconciliation committee and came out of the assignment fully conversant of the problems.

The battle really is a battle for supremacy between serving state governors and their predecessors in office. It is a crisis fueled by ego.

“So, ego is the enemy. Ego between former and serving governors, ego has turned them into bitter enemies. Because of ego the two groups are putting our party in jeopardy and the effect will be in the polls next year”.

The former Nasarawa State governor said the supremacy battle between governors and their predecessors have diminished the strength, as he likened it to fight between two elephants.

He insisted that the party must be bold to address the challenges.

“The serving governors and past governors are powerful men, each of them are leaders in their own right in their states but when two elephants fight the grass suffers.

Similarly, when two powerful politicians fight the party suffers.

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Because the speech and actions of these powerful men will bring a filthy and odious stench to our party.

“Our party must have the courage not to play lip service about it, but the serving governors of our party in their various states are the leaders of the party and this is in line with our party’s constitution.

It is important that the former governors recognise that the party structure must be respected.

Our party’s constitution makes no room for two party leaders in a state.

There is no reason to compete with serving governors for the leadership of the party”.

NEC Cedes Power To NWC Meanwhile, the APC National Executive Committee (NEC) has ceded its powers to the party’s National Working Committee (NWC) as it moves to curb the excesses of ex-governors and leaders bent on ego trip in their respective domains.

Rising from its NEC meeting in Abuja on Wednesday, the party also fixed its presidential and governorship nomination forms at N100 million and N50 million, respectively.

The party announced that it is vesting the power of NEC on the NWC for ninety days during which it will take decision on behalf of NEC on the interim without need to call it.

Senator Iyiola Omisore, who announced the decision of the party, disclosed that the motion to that effect was moved by Ahmad Lawan, the Senate President, and was seconded by Governor Nasir el-Rufai.

+According to the party, presidential aspirants are to part with N100 million, which the party has announced as the cost of its expression of interest and nomination forms.

APC National Publicity Secretary, Felix Morka, who gave details of the outcome of the meeting, revealed that NEC approved May 30 and 31 for its presidential primaries while the governorship primaries have been slated for May 18.

The sale of forms commences Saturday, April 23 and ends on May 6, 2022, according to the schedule of activities.

“NEC also devolved its powers to NWC as enshrined in Article 13, paragraph 3 sub 4 of the APC constitution to consider reports from national, state and local government areas and area council chapters of the party and to take such decisions as are necessary to protect, advance and consolidate the gains and interests of our party.

“NEC further devolved its powers to the NWC as enshrined in Article 13, paragraph three, five of the APC constitution, to exercise control and take disciplinary actions on all organs, officers are members of the party and determine appeals brought before it by any member or organ of the party.

“Finally, that NEC has devolved its powers to the NWC as enshrined in Article 13, paragraph three sub six of our constitution to create, elect and appoint any committee it may deem necessary, desirable or expedient and assigned to them such powers and functions as it may deem fit and proper, among others”.

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