Reps Step Down PIB After Chaotic Session

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he House of Representatives on Thursday stepped down adoption of the report on the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) for third reading and final passage.

This was as a result of disagree­ment by members of the House from the Niger Delta region that caused a rowdy session in protest of the reduction of host community fund from the initial 5% passed by the House to the 3% passed by the Senate at the conference committee.

 Daily Independent had on Thursday reported that the National Assembly will stick to three percent oil profit share for the development of host communities after the harmonisation of the PIB by both chambers.

The rowdy moment in the House began Thursday morn­ing before the speaker made his way into the chamber for the commencement of plena­ry session.

At first, it was not clear what the issue was.

Many people had thought the issue had to do with the consideration of the Elec­toral Bill which the House was expected to do Thursday morning.

Members had armed them­selves with copies of the Elec­toral Act Amendment Bill, waiting for the procession of the speaker into the chamber to begin the business of the day.

It was not until lawmakers from the Niger Delta region, noticeably, Hon. Chinyere Igwe and Hon. Boma Good­head from Rivers State and Hon. Bede Eke from Imo State started shouting “five percent”, gesticulating with their hands to draw attention that it became clearer of what the issue was.

Midway into the rowdy session, Speaker Femi Gba­jabiamila and the principal officers marched into the chamber.

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Seeing the charged atmo­sphere, Gbajabiamila called for executive session of the House.

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