Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Russian units reportedly forced to turn back to reorganize

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Russian units suffering heavy losses on the ground have been forced to return to Belarus and Russia to “reorganize and resupply,” Britain’s defense ministry said early Wednesday morning.

The development demonstrates “the difficulties Russia is having reorganizing its units in forward areas with Ukraine,” it said. However, the defense ministry warned that Russia would likely compensate for its reduced capability on the ground through mass artillery and missile strikes.

That comes as both U.S. and Ukrainian officials have expressed skepticism over claims from Russia Tuesday that it would “drastically” reduce military operations around Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv. The vow was made as peace talks unfolded in Istanbul.

President Joe Biden said he would not “read anything” into the claims “until I see what their actions are.” He said the U.S. had no plans to withdraw sanctions or military aid to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian counterpart President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that while there were “positive” signals from ongoing negotiations, they did not “drown out the ruptures of Russian shells.”

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