Sani Bello to Fayemi: I would appoint you Buhari’s successor if I have my way

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The Niger governor said Fayemi, a presidential hopeful of the All Progressives Congress (APC), can always count on his support.

Femi Ige, spokesperson of the Fayemi Campaign Organisation, quoted the Niger governor as saying this on Sunday when he hosted the Ekiti governor.

“You have been here at least three or four times before now. You have been a close friend to Niger state. It is not now that there is a need for support that people are coming,” he said.

“Only five or six people have been to the state but you can count on my support. If you become president, I will relax because I know I will have easy access to you.

“In fact, if I have my way I will appoint you as the next president after President Muhammadu Buhari.”

Earlier, Fayemi said he is ready to be president of the country, adding that he could remake Nigeria without unmaking it.

The presidential hopeful said the visits to APC delegates across the country have differentiated the pretenders from the contenders.

“This is a season of visits and states keep receiving us. The list of presidential aspirants says there are 23 but only five of us are going around the country. With this, you can separate the pretenders from the contenders,” he said.

“I am ready for the job. I want you to take a bet on me and you will have no cause to regret.

“I can remake Nigeria without unmaking it. I believe in Project Nigeria and that Nigeria is worth fighting for and together we can regain the lost glory of Nigeria.Advertisement

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“Many Nigerians have lost faith in project Nigeria. We will find a way to restore their confidence, trust and confidence in Project Nigeria. I am passionate about Project Nigeria and I will ensure it works.”

He said if elected president, he would address the challenges surrounding power and industrialisation.

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