Senate Investigates CCT Chairman Over Assault Allegation

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ABUJA – The Senate on Tuesday wad­ed into assault allegations lev­eled against the Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), Danladi Umar, in a pe­tition received to that effect.

The petition was brought to the floor by Senator Isti­fanus Gyang (PDP, Plateau North).

Accordingly, the Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, referred the petition to the Senate Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Peti­tions for immediate investi­gation.

Gyang, while giving a summary of the petition said, “That Justice Umar Danladi assaulted him (petitioner), brutalised him and slapped him on the face, and asked him to kneel down and, there­by, used his leg to hit him on the chest and inflicted bodily harm on him.”

The security guard, Mr. Clement Kargwak, in the petition to the Senate signed by his lawyer, Timzing Veny­ir Ramnap, urged the upper chamber to investigate the matter in keeping with its duty of oversight on the ex­ecutive and judicial arms of government.

He also requested the upper chamber to prevail on President Muhammadu Buhari to take disciplinary action against the CCT chair­man or call on the Inspector General of Police, Alkali Usman, and the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abu­bakar Malami, to investigate, arrest and prosecute Umar for his actions.

Narrating his experience, Kargwak in his petition to the Senate said: “This whole thing started on the 29th day of March, 2021 at Banex Plaza when Justice Danladi Umar drove into the plaza to do some business transactions. Mr. Clement Kargwak in­formed us that on that faithful date he was at his duty post at the Banex Plaza when a Toyota SUV Jeep with plate number ABC-989-LZ drove into the plaza, when he was busy in the business of direct­ing every vehicle that drove into the plaza to so properly park as directed by the man­agement of the plaza.

“That on sighting Justice Umar Danladi’s car trying to park wrongly, he instruct­ed him to properly park in a space provided by the man­agement of Banex Plaza, only for Justice Umar Danladi to come down from the SUV Jeep with his security men and started assaulting and brutalising him by slapping him on his face, asking him to kneel down and thereby used his leg to hit him on his chest, and thereby inflicting bodily harm on him.

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“That the management of the plaza rushed him to the hospital for medical attention where he has been receiving medication.

“That Justice Umar Dan­ladi personally did 99 percent of the assault and brutality on him as can be seen in a viral video which circulated on so­cial media and is hereby en­closed for your consideration.

“That after the incident, Justice Umar Danladi rushed to Maitama Police Station and reported, which prompted my invitation (petitioner) to the police station by the Maitama Police Station for investiga­tion which he honoured and went with a legal representa­tive of the Banex Plaza who went with a copy of the viral video showing how Justice Umar Danladi perpetrated all the assaults and brutality on him and on watching the vid­eo, the DPO of the Maitama Police Station ordered for his bail to be granted and thereaf­ter was taken to the hospital for medication.

“In view of the above sce­nario on the actions of the chairman of the Code of Con­duct Tribunal (Justice Umar Danladi), we hereby urge the Nigeria Senate to immediate­ly launch an investigation to ascertain the role of the Hon­ourable Justice Umar Danladi in this while happening and ensure justice for Mr. Clement Kargwak. This is because the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria gives the National Assembly the pow­ers of oversight to checkmate the activities of the executive and judicial arms of govern­ment when either of the two is found culpable.

“We also wish to state that

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