Heartbreak in Turkey as top professional footballer kills his 5-year-old son in hospital

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Turkish footballer Cevher Toktas has reportedly confessed that he killed his five-year-old son in the hospital because he does not like seeing the face of the child despite been his father.

The 32-year-old is reported to have gone to the police station to report 11 days after his son’s death in which nobody knew that he was the murderer.

His revelation came as a shocking one to the police and even the media as people were wondering how a man will murder his child.

According to the report on UK Sun, Cevher Toktas took his son to the hospital on April 13 after the boy developed fever and was seriously coughing.

Doctors thought the boy had coronavirus and was placed in the intensive care before he died two hours later after he was admitted.

Kasim was buried the next day, with his mother and other family believing he died from the Covid-19 outbreak that has infected 140,000 so far in Turkey.

The dad also shared a photo on social media of his son’s grave, with the heartfelt message: “Do not rely on the world.”

“I pressed a pillow on my son who was lying on his back.

“For 15 minutes, I pressed down on the pillow without lifting it up. My son was struggling during that time.

“After he stopped moving, I lifted the pillow.

Then I yelled for doctors to help to draw any suspicions away from me.” he explained.

Meanwhile, Cevher Toktas is now facing the possibility of being sentenced to life in prison following this latest development.

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