texts Frank Lampard reveals Jose Mourinho sent him texts after Chelsea lost 4-0 to Manchester United in Premier League opener

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Frank Lampard has revealed how Jose Mourinho ‘had a little go’ after his Chelsea side were beaten 4-0 by Manchester United on the opening day of the Premier League season.

It was a disastrous start for Lampard in his first competitive game as Blues boss but things have picked up from there. Mourinho was twice in charge of Chelsea and most recently manager of United until he was sacked from the job in December 2018. Lampard, who was speaking ahead of the Blues’ match with Newcastle on Saturday, revealed the influence of some of his previous managers on him.

With Jose we would have texts from time to time. We had some at the start of the season around the Manchester United game where he had a little go,” he told talkSPORT. “It’s all good. I’ve sat in the punditry chair for a year so I understand the need to say things so I’m not going to bang on too much. In terms of him, we have a relationship. “Harry Redknapp is Uncle Harry so it would sound wrong if I didn�t speak to him but he was great for me in getting me the role at Derby. He was close to Mel Morris.

“He followed us brilliantly last year. He would text me and call me to talk about Derby and is doing the same at Chelsea so I have to shout Harry even though he is family. “What he did for me in terms of getting me on the ladder managerially is huge and I will always be thankful for that. “I had really good relationships with my managers but sometimes in football, Guus Hiddink actually sent me some great messages, you move on a bit and it doesn’t become like you were more acquaintances but I have huge respect for all of them.”

Things have picked up for Lampard in recent weeks with four straight wins in all competitions but still gets plenty of advice from his family. When asked if he ever gets any messages from Harry Redknapp and he thinks we don’t do it like that anymore’, he said: “No that’s more my Dad. Harry comes with things and they are messages or chat but my dad, as through my playing days, he is my biggest critic. You would score a hat-trick and he would have a go at you for the one you missed and maybe he’s pretty similar, probably slowed down a little bit.

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“But sometimes my dad I feel is a bit of the old school and we clash sometimes but I don’t mind listening to it as it’s important to have your ears opened even if it’s my dad who is saying ‘why didn’t you go 4-4-2 and stick it long for the last 10 minutes?� “You go ‘we are trying to play here dad. We are trying to play from the goalkeeper sometimes rather than going long’. “But it can trigger a little something in your mind that maybe there is another angle to this.

He is part of that generation (who doesn�t play out from the back). I’m certainly not sitting here and saying I want us to play out from the back no matter what. “I want us to do the best thing that the game dictates and sometimes you play against high pressing teams where you have to mix your game up, which is huge for us and try and be unpredictable in that sense. “Sometimes my dad would ask the question why we played a short ball in our own 18 yard box and I get that.”

Lampard has had to cope with Chelsea losing their best player in Eden Hazard to Real Madrid and not be able to sign replacements because of a transfer ban. It has given youngsters the opportunity in the first team and they have made the most of that chance. He added: “I feel like we are moving in the right direction but I always get nervous saying it because it is a catalyst for overconfidence. “The last month was good and we had some good results. The international break always worries you slightly because will we forget the good things we were doing that made us get good results and we can’t forget the fact we can do much more and we need to believe in ourselves that we can do much more.

“There’s a lot of work to be done and I don’t know what success looks like at the moment. It’s competitive at the top of the league and I don’t think the league has given itself and real form yet other than Liverpool who are deservedly right up there and City but the rest of us are trying to bridge that gap.”

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