Nigerians pour out their reactions on ASUU Chairman’s remark in a meeting – Twitter.

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The National Chairman of ASUU Professor Biodun Oyeyemi made the remark in a meeting in Ilorin, Kwara state with stakeholders in the education sector. He said that the plans of the federal government was to make education inaccessible to the poor which had already started manifesting with the increasing involvement of several average Nigerian youths in cybercrimes, rituals, kidnapping and banditry among others while the rich celebrate the graduation of their children in overseas on social media.

Reacting to the ASUU Chairman’s statements, Nigerians across Twitter made their thoughts known. Some in support of ASUU, while others tackled the union over perceived complicity in the current state of education in Nigeria

Twitter user @OzigiAliyu tweeted: I beg you ASUU Now you know, kindly shield your sword so that people who can’t afford international education while affording what they can. Your locking the students at home is being part of the problem.

@iam_shaga accused the union of complicity: “Both you and Government are partners in crime, you’re playing with destinies of children of the masses while at the same time collecting salaries. @chris_owhe accused the union of hypocrisy tweeting: Even the so-called asuu children are also in private universities.

@victorymodey1 replying @chris_owhe showed compassion for the plight of the union members: That’s not true!!!! Most of their children are not in any private universities…how much are they earning??? Is it not the increment they are shouting about since so that at least things will be better for their families?

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@ehijadeno disagrees with ASUU: See what ASUU is saying. FG want to kill education in Nigeria or FG has killed education in Nigeria…

@johnobor6 questioned the activities of the union: With the little funding in place what is ASUU doing. Her members are terrorising students selling handouts under duress. Basically doing everything in most instances to make the university experience a nightmare for the majority of students. ASUU and the government are the same for me.

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