Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Urges the Pope to Help End ‘Human Suffering’

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, noting he has talked with Pope Francis, said he would appreciate his help in mediating an end to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Zelenskyy’s comments came in a tweet Tuesday morning.

He wrote: “Told His Holiness about the difficult humanitarian situation and the blocking of rescue corridors by Russian troops. The mediating role of the Holy See is ending human suffering would be appreciated. Thanks for the prayers for Ukraine and peace.”

Pope Francis has called the war in Ukraine a “perverse abuse of power.”

Reuters reported that the pope has condemned the invasion, saying it is a “senseless massacre” and a “repugnant war.”

“The violent aggression against Ukraine is unfortunately not slowing down,” he said in his Sunday address and blessing.

“It is a senseless massacre where every day slaughters and atrocities are being repeated.

“There is no justification for this.”

On Friday, the pope called the invasion an “unacceptable armed aggression.”

“The tragedy of the war taking place in the heart of Europe has left us stunned,” the pope said, adding that few people would have imagined scenes similar to the two world wars in the 20th century. “Once more humanity is threatened by a perverse abuse of power and partisan interests which condemns defenseless people to suffer every form of brutal violence.”

He added: “The blood and tears of children, the suffering of women and men who are defending their land or fleeing from bombardments shakes our conscience.”

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