Why we decided to send Bauchi prostitutes home, by Hisbah

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The Commissioner in Charge of Hisbah (Islamic police), Bauchi State Sharia Commission, Aminu Isah, has explained that the security outfit decided to send non-indigenous sex workers back to their home states because prostitution is prohibited in Bauchi.

Speaking during a pre-Ramadan sensitisation organised by his office for sex workers at their Bayan Gari settlement in Bauchi metropolis, he added that those of Bauchi origin would be handed over to their local council bosses.

“Commercial sex work is prohibited in Bauchi. If they cannot return to their state of origin, definitely they must leave (Bayan Gari) where they commit this kind of sin, because they are producing a lot of criminals. They have given birth to so many children there. They are always producing. The children will become threats to the state due to poor upbringing and education.

“There are so many criminals there and these kids will be exposed to their characters. We have the right to make arrests, but we say ‘no’ because they are people like us; they have constitutional rights in Nigeria. So, we are using diplomatic approach,” Isah said.

According to him, the agency has identified the location of the commercial sex workers in Bayan Gari, and had a headcount during a workshop at the place.

His words: “We have designed a form, and before doing that, we counted the number of houses in that area. There are more than 30 rented apartments in Bayan Gari, where the commercial sex workers live. We have met with the leaders and owners of those houses and the forms would be given to them to get the comprehensive data of the people.

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“The form will include state of origin, local council and other details like contact address. After getting these data, we will sort those who are non-indigenes of Bauchi and liaise with their governments on how to hand them over to their family members.”

He said that those from Bauchi would be empowered by government for self-reliance.

“Those that will take the option of marriage, at the government level we will see what we can do based on that.

This will be done in accordance with Section 41 of the Constitution that guarantees the citizens the right to live in any part of the country. It is not going to be a forceful approach, but a diplomatic one.”

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