I have 20 Billion to spend in 12 years- yahoo boy cries our

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The Devil Gave Me 20 Billion To Spend In 12years, I’m Even Tired

A sakawa boy has taken to the internet to reveal that he has been given 12 billion by the devil to spend in 12 years.

As disclosed by the sakawa guy, he’s even tired because 12 billion is too much money to spend within just 12 years which is highly impossible unless he intentionally buys a lot of stupid things.

He additionally explained in the caption attached to the fast trending video attached that he was instructed never to invest the money or give it to any family member except to spend it lavishly on anything he wants.

According to him in the video, ”I signed a contract with the devil and I have 12 years to spend 20 billion. Share me your account details lemme bless you some. I cannot use the money for investment or anything of that sort.”

Source: facebook
Picture Credit: pixabay

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