My scary night

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The increase of insecurity in Nigeria is becoming alarming. The kwali area council of Abuja is gradually becoming a place of concern.We no longer sleep with both eyes. Just last week, a daughter to one of my church members was kidnapped and the kidnappers asked for 6 million naira to release her. I don’t know how much was paid for her release. However she was released on Saturday. These days we are now conscious of people around us and when we see strange faces we get scared. Just last night at about 11:56pm I heard a heavy knock on our gate. I was terrified. I was working on my laptop at that point. When I heard the bang on the gate,I stood up and turned off the lights, television as well as my laptop as I was working at that time. I called my neighbors to confirm if they heard the bang on the gate and they said they did. In fact one of my neighbors asked who it was that was knocking and the person that knocked replied that he was looking for a room to lodge. We got scared because it was already late. I had to call the police officer that stays in this our area and he said he would let his patrol team know about the issue and advised that if we notice any other strange movement,we should alert him in time. Fear gripped us all. I couldn’t sleep and my wife started panicking. I had to be calm as a man so that I will not scare her. The night seemed long. I thought I was dreaming. I just couldn’t wait till morning. The way the country is going now, we need to be alert at all times. The government needs to step in and curb this issue of insecurity.

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