Nollywood mourns again

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Nigerian actor Leo Mezie is no more, actor Leo Mezie is dead. He died on Saturday, May 14, after a long battle with kidney disease. The actor who had been battling a kidney disease had a transplant week, however, he began to develop complications, sadly, he lost the battle on Saturday. His colleague, Chioma Topils announced the incident on social media yesterday afternoon.

After Leo Mezie is dead, he died on Saturday in Abuja while recovering from a kidney transplant. His corpse has moved to Umuahia his hometown. What is happening in the world we are losing a lot of good actors in the cold of the dead. We pray to God to find a way to forgive and wash away his sins the ones he committed knowingly or unknowingly and grant him internal rest Amen. Rip to actor Leo Mezie.

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