Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is A witch- pastor Tom Amenkhienan

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Pastor Tom Amenkhienan, the director of Christ Embassy, Abuja Ministry Center, spoke to his members about how he felt that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was a witch when they first met. As a spiritual and business partner of the Oyakhilomes, he had many encounters with the man of God but he wasn’t going to forget the first encounter.
He said that there are many Pastors in the world but not all of them are real men of God. He said that pastor Chris is a man of God because he is born from the realm of the spirit and in his first encounter with him, he was saying things that were very strange. Those things got his attention and when he saw that the things he said came to pass, he was dumbfounded.
According to him, they were just talking in 1984 and he said, “Do you know that if I cut any part of my skin, I will just put it back and there will be no scar.” He immediately moved away from him and said that he is a witch if he does something like that. He said that he used such words because that was the only way he could qualify someone who is doing such a thing. He didn’t think of the positive supernatural. He then made him understand that he is even higher than witches and they are not at that level.

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