Young Nigerian man who built fine sports car says he once sold his phone to survive

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erry Mallo, the 26-year-old Nigerian who built a sports car in 2019, is in the news again as he talked about his passion.

In an interview on YouTube with Tayo Aina, the young man said he is very much passionate about Nigeria. According to him, building a fast car in Nigeria was quite a challenge as it is not common. Jerry said he had to conduct so much research online.

The young Nigerian disclosed that he took inspiration from the rabbit’s ability for speed and balance, noting that he wanted to replicate the same in his car.

I fell into the sea while travelling to Germany, Nigerian narrates horrible experience He said he had always wanted to work in the automobile industry since he was five years old, adding that he and his friends made cars with pieces of roofing sheets when they were kids.

The creative man stated that then, he always wanted his design to be the best among his peers. He added that his dream is to build a car that can run without fuel, fly, and run on water. The young man said he loves building cars.

Jerry said after school, he realised that the Nigerian universities were not going to give him what he exactly wanted. When asked how he feels to be the first Nigerian to build a supercar, the man responded that he felt normal and his creation is still not perfect yet.

According to Jerry, while he was in the UK, he still could not keep up with the theories in school as there were no many practical sessions.

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