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My naija people, how we dey today?

I hope say we dey push am o becos man must survive o so far say we neva kaput. We thank God wey keep us till today, and go continue to keep us becos na only Him we get.

Una don see news headline today,  dis corona just dey increase every day for naija o, now now, we don hear say 46 people don get am. De way dis tin dey go, if we no dey careful, hmmn… make I no talk too much. Everybody just dey live wit fear for mind. You dey inside public transport, de person wey sidon near you na suspect, e cough, na problem, e sneeze nko, na disaster, kai! Make I make una laugh small.

Yesterday morning, as I dey go work, come enter bus, after where I sidon, na one one guy sidon near me, put earpiece for ear dey hum de song wey e dey listen to. Na so one man come enter, sidon near am, and the man get bomb everywhere for him face, and de tin really plenty make I no lie you. De next tin wey I see na person wey wan jump comot from inside de bus, na de guy wey sit near me o, e tink say corona don come, until I tell am say make him relax, no be corona virus, na so de guy look me, con say, ‘I di sure? A naghi amachakwa o’. As de guy come relax, anoda wahala come be say nobody gree enter de motor again until de conductor  come tell de man make e go enter anoda bus. Hmmn… you see wetin corona don cause?

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From tomorrow, March 26, govt. don say make market close, except de people wey dey sell food stuff and tins wey concern health body mata. But as e dey always be,  people don dey rush dey buy tins like say na foodstuff dem de take cure covid-19, and market people don add money to wetin dem dey sell. People, make una stay jeje, we go always get food to buy.

As we dey obey de stay-at-home order, make we remember de tins wey we need to do to stay safe, like wash your hand after you don read dis finish… before nko, no be your hand you take press de button of dis laptop or your phone? Make our govt. do wetin dem need to do fast fast before people go begin disobey for belle reason o, make e no go be like say people disobey govt.

PHCN, stay for your shed o, dis one no concern you.

Make we gba brake here, make I go wash my hand and use small sanitizer.

Make una stay safe!!!

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