Man Catches Blue Marlin Fish Worth $2.6M, Instead Of Selling, He Eat It with Village Friends

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A man said to be from Nworie in Nigeria has caught a marlin fish estimated by expert to have worth $2.6M and unfortunately has eaten the fish with his people in the village.

This has led Nigerians to drag the man on twitter, the capital city of social media trolls and taken him through the treadmill.

Nigerians can’t believe the man, who apparently is poor, could just eat a fish worth a whopping amount of $2.6M with his colleague poor friends in the village.

Nonetheless, Nigerians on social media could be trolling him for the wrong reasons.

Apparantly the man had no idea the fish worth such amount of money or had no knowledge that the fish has a demand global market hence he wouldn’t have thought about it to sell it for the money.

However, the situation remains that the man has just consumed $2.6M with his friends in the village in a day.

It seems the ironic phrase ‘Niger No Dey Carry Last’ sometimes punches Nigerians in their own faces because, in this case, omo Niger seems to be the one who has caried last.

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