How I was almost kidnapped

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Just this morning, a dispatcher called me that his madam asked him to pick up an item from me. I sell jewelries and I had one lady who was scheduled to pick up an item today. At first, I thought it was the rider that she sent. So I called her and she said she hadn’t booked a rider yet. I waited for a while for the rider to call back. When he did,I asked him the name of the lady and he said blessing and that I should send my house address. I called all the blessing I know on my contact and none said they sent any rider. Besides how can someone send a rider without telling me. When we hadn’t discussed anything to deliver. He called back again and said I should send my address to him and that when he comes I can talk to his madam. I called him back and told him to come to a filling station. But this time I noticed that he was talking to some else telling the person that i said they should come to the filling station. I was wondering who the rider was coming with. That was when I knew something was wrong. I had to stop taking his calls. Indeed things are happening. We need to be sensitive and careful too. God help us.

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