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I was on my way with a friend to see her sister in law at the hospital at about 8pm. We came across a group of guys who we thought were vigilantees but were actually robbers. The phone my friend was with was taken from her and when I was asked to deliver mine which i didn’t have, I was slapped and at that time, i felt like i was going blind. They didn’t believe me so they searched me and when they couldn’t find any, they pushed me that i almost hit my head at the edge of a gutter. We were asked to hide at the back of a parked vehicle as they tried to get others who were lucky to escape before they were caught. But as God would have it, he used the mind of one of the criminals to help us when he came and asked where we were going at the time? My friend replied saying; we are going to give my aunt food in the hospital. The guy asked to see the food so my friend showed it to him. The guy left and came back with another guy who said they would let us go but we wouldn’t be given the phone so we left.

The statement they used when we were seized at first was; so police will come to our house and rob us so we will keep on doing this. How true can this be??

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