EF Network Nigeria Ltd introduces an anti-theft app to protect phone owners

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A multi-national technology company, EF Network Nigeria Ltd has introduced an anti-theft application to check stolen or lost phones in Nigeria.

The app, ‘efphonetaxi,’ is designed to protect phone owners against theft and re-sales of stolen smartphones.

Explaining how the app operates, the company said the app helps retrieve and send the user’s stored contents to the user’s email.

It said: “It locks the phone, prevents unauthorized access to stored pictures, videos, messages, or contacts of the phone owner.

The app alerts the phone owner of any change of SIM card, monitors, and tracks the phone location, including snapping pictures of criminals in possession of a stolen phone. All these are forwarded to the subscriber’s email address.

“The owner of the phone will do all these remotely. Once the phone is locked remotely by the owner, buying that stolen with efphonetaxi app is a mere waste of money.”

The company advises those who install the app on their phones to uninstall them before selling their phones legally because the app may not allow the new owner to operate the phone without the password.

It said:”The web-based internet application provides a platform with other features that could prompt a missing phone to speak out, wipe out completely phone and memory card contents and even browse or forward the owners’ calls from lost phone to another phone number.

Technical manager of the company, Mr. Kelvin Raymond said, the app could deter kidnapping since kidnappers’ location would be known, adding that the app provides a friendly pop-up message to the person in possession of the phone to return the phone to the owner.

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He said: “Using the latest IoT and AI technology, efphonetaxi does not use battery since it does not poll any server to find out.”

For customers to access the web-based platform, simple registration and activation of the account is required on their website.

The company’s Chairman, Gideon Egbuchlam said through research and development, the company will continue to introduce new technologies, and implement products for the benefits of the Africa continent.

The company has also opened its incubation division in Abuja, which will be recruiting brilliant IT youths with vision or invention minded, who will benefit from their funding and assistance in bringing their visions or inventions to the world.

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