I take full responsibility, Nigeria will recover – Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu assured Nigerians that there was hope despite the country's current economic hardships as he made an appeal for patience on Wednesday.

The President said he understood completely the challenges Nigerians faced as a result of government actions and accepted full responsibility for them.
He declared that since he was the one who requested to be the president of Nigeria, he would not object and would even welcome criticism.

The Pan-Yoruba sociopolitical movement Afenifere's head, Pa Reuben Fasoranti, was the guest of the President when he visited Akure, the capital of Ondo State.

He also visited Rotimi Akeredolu, the late governor of Ondo State, whose family had lost him, in December following a protracted battle with cancer. to offer his condolences.
The fuel subsidy removal and other economic reforms instituted by Tinubu have attracted public censure following the high costs of living, food inflation and other side effects.
The Nigeria Labour Congress was forced to stage a statewide protest on Tuesday due to the circumstances.
Additionally, if the administration did not solve the economic crisis within two weeks, the congress threatened more widespread protests.

But the President assured the public that Nigeria will overcome the present economic difficulties in response to their concerns about his economic policies. The end of the tunnel is in sight. I'm not upset about the job because I asked for it. I accept full accountability.

In a statement headed "President Tinubu: I take full responsibility for the nation; we are building an efficient Nigeria that is inclusive and fair to all Nigerians," Special Advisor to the President on Media and Publicity, Ajuri Ngelale, stated as much.

Tinubu reiterated his resolve to take the helm of Nigeria towards economic and social prosperity, saying, “We are meeting our obligations to the international community. To lenders, we have not defaulted, and we are not going to default. We are navigating the twists and bends on the road to Nigeria’s prosperity.”
The President stated that his goal in changing Nigeria would be to guarantee both true federalism and budgetary stability, as well as the widespread use of the adage "what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander."
He assured them that their patience and perseverance would not be in vain and acknowledged the understanding and support of all Nigerians in the face of the difficult but transient economic situation.

Nevertheless, Lagos persevered and became the fifth-largest economy on the African continent. We have a responsibility to appropriately grow Nigeria and handle this opportunity wisely.

"In order to further the interests of Nigeria, I ran for this office and won. Some predicted that I wouldn't make it through the tribunal and made all kinds of forecasts, but even when in court, I remained focused.
even when in court, I remained focused.
"We cannot permit the exploitation of Nigeria's economy. We cannot let robbers take advantage of our economy. He declared, "I'm determined to permanently curb selfish interests and re-engineer our finances."
Former Secretary to the Government of the Federation Pa Olu Falae, speaking on behalf of Afenifere, delivered the speech of Pa Fasoranti. He praised Tinubu for his dedication to Nigeria's advancement and offered support for the initiatives taken by his administration.

"You are a man of your word because you have honoured your promise to come back to this location where we all prayed for you," the wise old man said.
Asking President Tinubu to be brave and just, Pa Fasoranti said that these qualities were the essence of the Afenifere family.

"You are carrying our flag today.We are noted for integrity, competence, fairness, and courage. Your performance so far has shown that you understand the full gravity of your mandate, which is to show the Nigerian people that a good government is possible,” he said.
Along with pressing for institutional changes, Fasoranti also urged the President to pursue them, stating that doing so would fortify the federation and increase Nigeria's security and prosperity. Strive to undertake capital projects that would increase jobs and balance the budget. We are grateful that you support the concept of state policing.

We want each geopolitical zone to have more responsibility for infrastructure development, food production, and security," he continued. The state governments have been receiving large allocations from the Federation account ever since the gasoline subsidy was eliminated, which was costing Nigeria $10 billion annually.
"In order to improve life for our people, Mr. President should convince the governors to permit this shift in state fortunes to be felt locally. It is not sufficient to purchase rice and yams for the populace. They ought to develop new infrastructure, enhance education, and produce jobs. Most people's lives are quite difficult these days, and state governments can make a big difference in changing society.

In addition to Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, a former governor of Ondo State, Chief Sehinde Arogbofa, Oba Aladelusi Aladetoyinbo, Deji of Akure, Chief Kole Omololu, and other Afenifere leaders, Fasoranti received the President.
The President had earlier visited the Owo Palace of Oba Ajibade Gbadegesin Ogunoye III, the Olowo of Owo Kingdom, and offered condolences to Akeredolu's family.
Speaking at the monarch's palace, Tinubu extolled the virtues of the late Akeredolu, hailing him as a statesman and a legal luminary who gave his people his undying devotion.

"An outstanding son passed away. Akeredolu was a great friend and supporter of mine. The President remarked, "I have come to pay my respects to him as a son of the soil."

He thanked the Owo people for their support of the grieving family and offered his prayers for the traditional ruler's well-being, advancement, and prosperity as well as the community's.

In the company of Lucky Aiyedatiwa, the governor of Ondo State, Tinubu also commiserated with the Akeredolu’s widow, Betty, the children, and other family members.
God will be with you, Tinubu stated, addressing the widow and her family. Your kids will lead fulfilling lives. I hope everyone has a happy ending. May God support and be with you.

The late governor's wife thanked the President for coming and said that Tinubu was a good friend and brother to her late husband.

She also expressed her gratitude to the governors of South-West for their contributions at the late governor's funeral. She specifically complimented Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the governor of Lagos State, for being the only one to successfully return Akeredolu's remains to Nigeria.

"I appreciate it, Mr. President, on behalf of my family," she stated. We learned that he was unable to attend the funeral because of Yoruba cultural customs. He was unable to attend the burial of his younger brother.
It's a big thing that we're here on Wednesday because the vibe is better. I also want to sincerely thank the governors of the southern states for their enormous financial contributions to the burial, especially Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the governor of Lagos State, who was the only one who managed to return Aketi's remains to Nigeria. We are thankful for this enormous display of devotion, and we will always be indebted to him.

"I asked Mr. President to follow me to the place where Aketi was buried. We sincerely appreciate you coming, Mr. President. He is, in fact, Aketi's friend and brother.

"Yes, Aketi has passed away, but he still lives on because of his legacies," I informed Mr. President. We hope that legacies endure and are expanded upon where necessary.”