Army Uncovers 40 Illegal Oil Wells In Rivers

Over forty illicit crude oil wells have been shockingly discovered by the Nigerian Army in the Rumuekpe hamlet of Rivers State's Emohua Local Government Area.
During an operation on Wednesday, the illicit oil wells were found under the command of General Jamal Abdusallam, the General Officer Commanding of the Nigerian Army 6 Division.

Major General Abdusallam told journalists shortly after the operation that the roughly 40-foot-deep wells are a novel method used by thieves to extract crude oil from subterranean sources.
The importance of this discovery in the battle against oil theft and illicit bunkering in the Niger Delta was highlighted by Major General Abdusallam.

He said that the offenders came up with a plan to dig far below the surface in order to obtain crude oil deposits directly. He expressed concern over the danger posed by these activities to both the environment and individuals involved.
In addition, Major General Abdussalam declared that he would alert the appropriate authorities and send troops to stop additional exploitation of the region.

In order to facilitate further inquiries, a number of suspects were captured at the scene of the crime and are presently being held in military custody.
Speaking anonymously, one suspect acknowledged that several households in the neighbourhood were purportedly the owners of the wells.

The suspect listed other risks associated with digging, such as gas inhalation and suffocation, while detailing the dangerous procedure.

As evidence of the community's ownership of the resource and the risky nature of their operations, the suspect disclosed that those engaged in the operation were paid about N40,000 to dig a well.