I’m back to chase killer herdsmen out – Sunday Igboho

The activist for Yoruba nation, Sunday Adeyemo, also referred to as Sunday Igboho, has said that he is prepared to confront and drive out the murderous herdsmen from Yorubaland.

In a video that went viral on Tuesday, Adeyemo was seen addressing a group of onlookers after his mother's funeral in his village of the Igboho district of Oyo State.

The activist who spoke in Yoruba claims that the army and federal government sent to Yorubaland—particularly to Ekiti, where kings were slain in broad daylight—are powerless to stop the alleged murderers.

In order for us to free ourselves from the herders who are invading our territory, he commanded everyone to stand with him. Let's bolster security throughout the Yoruba homeland if not, they will take our lands.
"We don't need to wait on anybody, including the government. Simply put, let's collaborate. These herders prevent us from farming on our land. In addition, our people are furious and hungry. We do not require the soldiers that the government says it has sent to Ekiti State. We follow the guidance of our elders and climb the locations ourselves.

"My mother used to be my source of fear, but now that she's gone, I have nothing to worry about." I have returned to reclaim our land.
The activist from Ibadan criticised the rumour that he worked for politicians and questioned whether they would still want him dead if it were the case.

"I work for no politician at this time. In fact, if I incidentally slapped someone, the government would be ready to arrest me and put me behind bars. I know they are watching me closely now to know my next action but I’m ready to take a step to stop these marauders’ activities in our lands,” he maintained.

In 2021, it was stated that Adeyemo managed to flee from a lethal Department of State Service nighttime raid on his Ibadan home.

Later, on July 19, while travelling to Germany with his wife Ropo, he was detained in the Benin Republic. Nevertheless, in October 2023, he was let free.

The freedom fighter recently made his way back to Nigeria in time for his mother's funeral.

Igboho said that an attempt on his life was made with the raid on his home in Ibadan.