Run HIV test, protect yourself, NACA charges Nigerians ahead Valentine’s Day

When expressing love during the Valentine's season, Nigerians have been urged to prioritise their safety and well-being and to protect themselves.

The National Agency for the Control of AIDS provided the guidance in a statement before Valentine's Day, which was signed by Toyin Aderibigbe, the head of the agency's public relations and protocol unit.

Every year on February 14th, Valentine's Day is observed as a time to share gifts and love.

Dr. Gambo Aliyu, the Director General of NACA, stated in a statement that "we want everyone to enjoy Valentine's Day while prioritising their well-being."

"Open communication, respect for one another, and making responsible decisions are all part of the comprehensive approach to love that NACA promotes," Aliyu continued.
In addition, he exhorted the public to regularly get tested for HIV, include protection in private moments, and have open discussions with their partners about sexual health.

He claims that these actions support both individual health and the more general objective of creating safer and healthier communities.

"Love is a powerful force, and we can ensure that it enriches our lives without compromising our health by embracing responsible practices," he said. NACA is committed to giving people the tools, knowledge, and assistance they need to make wise decisions.

In the meantime, the organisation restated its dedication to encouraging a safe and responsible Valentine's Day celebration.

"Given the current state of the world health, NACA urges the public to prioritise their safety and well-being while expressing affection on Valentine’s Day,” the statement noted.
NACA stated that it will conduct comprehensive awareness campaigns on Valentine’s Day to educate the public about the significance of both abstinence and safe sex practices. “The agency aims to create an environment where love is celebrated responsibly, fostering a community that is both supportive and health-conscious,”